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In order to provide more flexibility and cost effectiveness to campus departments,
two levels of painting standards (University and Commercial) have been established
by Facilities Management. All furniture and built-in shelving will be appropriately
protected for both levels of painting.

Level #1 Wall Painting: University Standard

  • Color selection will be unlimited.
  • Facilities will move all furniture and clear walls and re-anchor furniture.
  • Complete preparation of all surfaces will be done.
  • All surfaces will receive a prime coat and one or two coats of paint as necessary.
  • Accent walls

Average Cost Per Square Foot

$ 1.00

Level #2 Wall Painting: Commercial Standard  

  • Color selection will be limited (contingent on existing surface color).
  • Customers will move all furniture and clear walls of pictures, clocks and any other wall hangings.
  • Equipment that is fastened to the wall, such as file cabinets, will be protected from paint.
  • Wall preparation will be minimal.
  • Surfaces will be spot-primed and one coat of paint will be applied.
  • Air vents and light lenses will be dusted.

Average Cost Per Square Foot

$ 0.65


Note: The following will increase the cost of both level #1 and level #2 painting projects.

  • Ceiling heights greater than 12 ft.
  • Decorative trim or accent chair molding.
  • Exposed utilities such as pipes, electrical conduit, etc.
  • Excessive pre-existing damage caused by water or chemicals, large holes in walls, grease, etc.


Refinishing Doors

Existing doors sanded and re-varnished $  90.00 per door

New doors stained and varnished (cost
of door not included).

$ 130.00 per door


Painting Ceilings

Plaster or Dry Wall $ 0.65 per sq ft.
Fixed or acoustical ceilings $ 0.75 per sq ft.

Drop-in acoustical ceilings

$ 1.00 per sq ft.

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Last Updated: 11/02/98