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Slide-in Door or Desk Name Plate
(Mailed to clients)
One Line $    15.00
Two Line $    25.00
Hand Delivery add $      6.00
Wall or Door Installation add $      2.25
Bright metal holder (gold or silver) add $      4.50


Other Engraved signs up to 12 inches high.
(Includes delivery and installation.)
Per sq. inch of surface $     0.30
Letters 1 inch or less $     0.55 per letter
Letters 1 to 2 inches high $     0.80 per letter
Letters 2 to 3 inches high $     1.10 per letter
Minimum Cost per Sign $     25.00


Note: For all signs above - unusual characters, symbols or more than one font or special installation may result in additional cost. Client will be advised of additional costs prior to performance of work.


12 color combinations available
Silver/Black letters Red/White Letters
Gold/Black Letters Blue/White Letters
Gray/Black Letters Black/White Letters
White/Black Letters Brown/White Letters
White/Blue Letters Beige/White Letters
White/Red Letters Gray/White Letters


8 type faces available

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Last Updated: 11/02/98