UCLA Facilities Management is pleased to provide you with our
revised pricing list for selected services. This is the first revision of
the price list which was issued in Fiscal Year 1994-95.

The vast majority of the prices remain unchanged. For the few items
whose costs have changed, about half experienced price decreases.
Increased efficiencies within Facilities Management, have resulted
in reductions in cost for labor intensive services such as painting,
flooring related tasks, and seismic anchoring. Increases in material
costs, have resulted in slight price increases to such items as vinyl
blinds and signs. Please remember that these prices are for individual,
stand alone services and are not meant to be used as estimates for
larger projects.

We look forward to continue working with you on planning future
projects and meeting your facilities needs. If you have any questions
regarding these prices, please call the Customer Service Center at
(310) 206-8847 or write to us at service@facnet.ucla.edu



Last Updated: 11/02/98